Friends of the Franciscans

Educating young women in northern Mexico

Amigos de las Franciscanas

Educar a las mujeres jóvenes en el norte de México



Alejandra, Sr. Pat, Marlem, and Karen.

GRADUATION: Alejandra Balderas of Los Adobes graduated with honors. There were some 200 students in the graduation the 5th of July, 2013. Alejandra continues her studies at La Universidad Tecnológica in Ramos Arrizpe, Coahuila. She comes from a family of five. Between her father, the family relatives and a grant for transportation she will be able to continue her studies. The specialty of Alejandra is computer systems. Marlem Tovar of Mezquite graduated and is studying legal criminology at the Universidad Autónomo of Monterrey. Marlem is one of five children. Karen Vasquez is from La Casita. Karen is studying at La Narro in Torreón to become a veterinary. These are three very precious women. In the graduation celebration Hermelinda Méndez and Martin Tovar gave short presentations of gratitude and congratulations affirming the students to continue forward.




What does it mean for me to live in the Casa Franciscana?
For me it means a lot because I live with many other companions from other places and I learn many modalities and manners of sharing, respect, and humility. This influences my life, inculcating in me values. Also it helps me to be a better person, to respect and help others that need help. I learn many things of worth like values and respect.

To live in the Casa Franciscana is very beautiful and I can continue with my studies. There are very good persons that give us counsel and listen to us when we need it. These persons are Laura Casas and Sister Patty that in spite of everything always are there helping and guiding us on the good path. They help us and correct the errors made. An error made can become very serious, but even still here we are given the opportunity to continue with studies and to be better day after day.

In spite of the problems in my family, my Mom always collaborates when there is an activity in the Casa Franciscana. She is a volunteer when needed.

To live here is a super good experience.



For me to be here in the Casa Franciscan has been very beautiful because I have learned many things. I am very happy here because all the persons here treat me very well. They have demonstrated affection to me. And I have learned to love all the girls here like sisters. We help each other in whatever we need.

Truthfully, I am grateful to Sister Patty, for having accepted me in her house, because here my spiritual and mental life has grown more. I have learned a little bit to value myself for myself. And I know what is good and what is bad.

All this influences my life a lot because being here I can continue studying. My parents now don’t have so many expenses for me to study. They feel very proud and happy about my continued studies because they want me to be somebody in life.

I am very content because I know if I continue studying I will be able to help my parents and be somebody in life, that is to say to have a good future.

Flor de Maria

Flor de Maria

To live in this house is one of the most beautiful experiences because en this place one gets to know very good persons, for example: Sister Patty Forster and all the rest of the Franciscan Congregation.

In this house one learns many values, things of the church and you are more united with persons who are more religious and for that one is encouraged to come closer to religion. In this house I learned many things and the principle base was the important thing, that is, for us to continue forward in our studies and to complete the goal as difficult as it is, by being in this house you receive all the help you need in order to grow as a person.

Also in this place you are helped to socialize more with all persons because you learn to live with girls that you never imagined you would meet and in the end, you learn to love them and they become a second family. And at the end of this path that you run with all the generations that you get to know en 3 years that you are here, you don’t want to leave. Such are a lot of rules and things that you continue to become accustomed to, they will be good in your life.

Thanks you Madre Patty for all your help in all these 3 years. GRACIAS!!!